04 July, 2013


Welcome to our Junk Journal!

As this is our first blog post, we wanted to fill you guys in with what we may have in store for all of you lovely readers!

So firstly we’ll start by saying that we are two typical though rather crazy teenagers/ childhood friends, soon awaiting the big one eight figure of age and who are passionately driven by fashion. We wanted to document part of our lives through producing a fashion blog to inspire, be inspired and, as cheesy as this may sound, forever stay in touch- cheesy, agreed? So the decision to collaborate was to provide you guys with much more exciting content, allow you to share these experiences with us plus give you an insight into a variation of fashion styles and preferences.

Fashion is an expression of oneself- we’ve heard it all before. But what we cannot get hold of limits this expression. This blog will hope to show you guys our way of incorporating fashion into our lives, without breaking the bank! Yep, we’ll be posting pictures of our outfits, guides, hauls, sketches and much more… so keep your eyes open! :) Hope you like it! Enjoy! :)