23 July, 2013

Dress with Specs B)

Hey guys!
So this was the very first shoot where I could actually see, and I have to say… :O dude have I been missing out on the tiniest of details that go on in my hometown! Haha! Whenever I am without my glasses, there is always that awkward moment of someone waving manically at you, in turn causing you to endlessly squint at that person so that I might as well be classed as admittedly ‘a bit of a weirdo’ ;)

So the glasses I wear literally all the time AHEM* ‘suppose to’ shall we rephrase it to haha are FCUK squared tortoiseshell frames. I wanted to bring some summer swagger into this with the gold leather cap (oh yes to all of you glasses wearers out there ;) ) aiming to move away from the typical association that glasses have to ‘geek chic’ or ‘smart office wear’. So with a plainer style pair of glasses, I also extracted patterned pieces including a floral abstract halter neck top worn under my mum’s striped baggy cardigan and accompanied it with gold and bronze nature related jewellery!
Floral abstract halter neck, Tesco, £8
Striped cardigan, surreptitiously borrowed from mum ;)
Black knicker shorts, H&M, £15
Black thread necklace, Local Market, £1
Gold long whistle necklace, H&M (sale), £5
Leaf wrap ring, ALDO (sale), £3
Encaged stone ring, Miss Selfridge (sale), £5

Hope you guys are all well!