20 July, 2013

Do I Wanna Know? (Outfit Post)

Dungarees: Glamourous
Top: Topshop
Necklace: Made By My Sister
High Tops: Converse

Hello Lovelies! I thought we were getting a bit out of control on the DIYS! (Still more to come!) So I decided to do an outfit post this time. So yeah I'm currently listening to this new track from the Artic Monkeys and i'm loving it! sadly I didn't get tickets for their latest tour :( Sorry I've not been too up to date on the blog atm it's been a busy week :/!

ANYWAY to the outfit! I got these Dungarees a couple of weeks ago and wore them for the first time today! I love them, they have a beautiful acid wash on them - which I love denim with an acid wash, so it was perfect <3 The top I bought quite a while ago from Topshop at the time I was really into those rich in cotton tops, AKA some of the most comfiest tops in the world. For this outfit though I wanted something plain behind the dungarees. I think crop tops go better with dungarees however my figure isn't the most appealing for showing my stomach off! so I settled with a plain top, which made me happy and comfy :) My Necklace was a birthday present handmade from my sister. She has a beautiful talent at making jewellery and hopefully she'll start a business one day! but I thought it would really go well with this look. To top off the look I whacked my bright red Converse on which added extra slouch and comfort to the look. 

Hope you're all having a lovely Saturday :) 

M x