09 July, 2013

DIY: Summertime Nails

What you need:
Cotton Ear Buds
White Nail Varnish
Colourful Nail Varnishes 
Clear Nail Varnish (optional)
Glittery clear nail varnish (optional)

Okay so start by painting all your nails white. I was using 2 coats of the natural collection varnish from boots like £1.99. I tend to do a super messy job as you can see above, this is just so I can make sure there are no gaps on the nail. * I do clean it up afterwards using nail varnish remover and a cotton ear bud. 

 Using my favourite friend, brush some colourful nail varnish onto it, and then dab onto your nail(s) 
Da Daaaaaaaaaaa I quite like it just like that looks a bit Rose-y.. but anyway! continue that with as many colours that you want! 
I got a bit carried away haha! 
I then used a glittery overcoat from Topshop (can't remember the price) to put over the nails to really make it stand out from the other white ones! and for the white ones I put a basic clear coat on to protect them (natural collection £1.99) 
 And this was my final result *before cleaning... It's quite bold! haha! next time I might try and make it look like a rose garden maybe!
Don't forget to clean up the nail edges afterwards with one of these and BAM your nails are done! :))))

hope you enjoyed the DIY let me know how it goes :)! 

MJ x