16 July, 2013

DIY: (Part 2) Make old summer jewellery into NEW!

Part two...as promised! :D
So I was thinking: What could make a bracelet eye-catching? And then it came to me! Embellish it with as many ‘sparkly’ things that I can get my hands on as possible! You can imagine how shocked my family was when I leapt in the air and did a slight boogie after coming across, the brooch, and the clip-on earring- only joking that didn’t happen at all ;) well...
‘The brooch and the bracelet’
Set of 3 Bug brooches, Accessories (sale), £5
Pastel thread bracelet, Miss Selfridge (sale), £5
Additional: Paper clips

Check out what just got attracted to the bracelet...oh yes, a bee haha ;)

 ‘The clip-on earring’ and ‘the bracelet’
Yellow flower clip-on earrings, ASOS, £7
White rope, Masons, £1
Additional: Beads/charms, Zip, (Hook and) Bar, Clothes peg, PVA glue and acrylic paint 

Simply clip the earring on and for an oriental touch, use a bristly brush and blotch on flowers using red and white paint.

Sorry this blog post was a little longer than usual but hope you guys are all having a great day! :)