11 July, 2013

DIY: Make old summer jewellery into NEW!

Hey guys! So I was struck down with, yet again, an empty purse… so I decided to get inventive!
Here I have combined a ring and necklace to make Uno- what I like to call, a ringlace! Ooh or a neckring- D: somehow that doesn’t sound quite right but anyway :D here’s how you make it:

Left: Gold eye ring, H&M (sale) £3 + Gold star necklace, Topshop (sale) £5
Right: Silver hamsa hand ring, Miss Selfridge (sale) £2 + Silver ‘J’ necklace, Gift
 You can try out using any old rings or necklaces that you have that complement each other!
First tie a knot around your chosen ring with the necklace chain. Oh and make sure each of the chain’s ends are the same length! 

Next, start by taking one end of the chain and loop this repetitively around the ring until this is no way possible anymore! Do the same with the other end (looping in the opposite direction to before). Secure it with the clippy thing? - Haha how professional sounding! And

Voila! The neckri- I mean your ‘new revamped ring’, should I say instead haha, is complete!! :D

Have fun making yours! We’ll be back with a part 2 of the DIY combo type post very soon!
Hope you guys are having a great day…its soo sunny!! ;)